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At a gala for a travel company I’m interviewing with:

And there’s an open bar, so I’m like:

And Seth wins the raffle for round trip tickets for two people anywhere in North America, so we’re both like:

And he tells me he wants to take me to Hawaii, like:

And we’re leaving for home tomorrow anyway, so I was already like:

The doppelganger post from earlier:

A week after it was posted I looked at again like:

And then realized it was me:

And when I see my roommate again:




Quit my job working after school programs

And I’m looking for another job while working part-time at J.Crew, and I’m so broke.

So right now, I’m like:

Because if I really think about what I’ve done, I’ll be like:

When I’m With My Boyfriend

And I’m bored, I’m like:

When our huge Progressive Halloween Party has some additions

And when a friend gives me something I’m too drunk too question:

And the next morning I’m like: